A Login IP Allowlist includes a range of IP addresses you define that indicates what IP addresses can access your account to prevent unauthorized IP addresses from logging into your account.

Follow the guide below to enable a Login IP Allowlist for your account.

Step 1: Log into UserWay's management console using your credentials.

Step 2: Click on Account Settings

Account Settings - Screenshot

Step 3: Click on Settings

Settings - Screenshot

Step 4: Scroll down to Login IP Allowlist and toggle the switch to On

Step 5: Enter the IP you want to add to the Login IP Allowlist and click Add

Add IP to Login IP Allowlist - Screenshot

Step 6: Repeat to add additional IP addresses

NOTE: Click the X to remove an IP address from the Login IP Allowlist

Remove IP Address - Screenshot

NOTE: Toggle Login IP Allowlist to OFF to disable the Login IP Allowlist authentication

Disable Login IP Allowlist - Screenshot

If you have any questions, you can reach our support team at support@userway.org

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