Once you register for your UserWay account, you are presented with your UserWay widget script; Basic, Advanced, and White Label.

Widget Scripts - Screenshot

The following document will go through the different scripts in order for you to learn what script is the best for your website.

Basic Script

Basic Script - Screenshot

The Basic Script is the standard widget script for most use-cases.

Advanced Script

Advanced Script - Screenshot

The Advanced Script allows flexibility to programmatically override your widget’s default settings.

White Label Script

White Label Script - Screenshot

The White Label Script is the script that removes any reference to UserWay from the widget script. This is usually utilized by agencies and resellers sharing the UserWay script as their own widget.

NOTE: This is not related to the White Label widget add-on, but can be utilized if you would like to also remove any reference to UserWay on the code level while using the White Label widget add-on.

If you have any questions, you can reach our support team at support@userway.org

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