Step by Step Guide to Installing UserWay's Accessibility Widget extension for Google Tag Manager (GTM).

Step 1: If you do not have a UserWay account, create your UserWay account HERE

Step 2: Log into your account dashboard HERE to find your UserWay Account ID as shown below (Save Your Account ID to use in Step 11)

Step 3: Make sure you have Google Tag Manager installed on your website and log into your Google Tag Manager account.

Step 4: Click Templates as shown below:

Step 5: Click Search Gallery and search for UserWay as shown below:

Step 6: Click Add to`workspace

Step 7: Click Add in the permissions pop-up
Step 8: Click Accessibility by UserWay

Step 9: Click on Tag Permissions in the Tag Configurations

Step 10: Close the panel

Step 11: Enter your UserWay Account ID found in Step 2 as shown below:

Step 12: Click Save

Step 13: Click Preview

Step 14: Refresh Your Website and confirm the UserWay widget appears

Step 15: Go back to Google Tag Manager and Leave Preview Mode

Step 16: Click Submit

Step 17: Add version details for the update (optional)

Step 18: Click Publish

If you have any questions, you can reach our support team at

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