(Legacy console) Unknown sites added to account in management console

Rodrigo Asai
Rodrigo Asai
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The unknown sites you might not recognize or remember adding are there because the Auto-Add Sites function is enabled by default. This means that when a new or unrecognized site uses your account’s embed script, that website is automatically added to your account. 

Here’s why this happens:

  • When UserWay's AI detects your widget code on a new website domain, (e.g., your development site), the default response is to automatically add a new website to your account.
  • This automatic site addition can also occur when someone has illegally cloned your website. UserWay detects these cloned websites and adds them to your UserWay account. When a new site is added, you should check to see if it is, in fact, yours. If it is not, this is an excellent opportunity for you to take action. Illegally cloned websites could be taking away business, ruining your brand reputation, or worse.
  • These cloned websites DO NOT and could not have access to your account. They DO NOT impact your monthly page views. Cloned websites mimic or mirror your site, and are only able to run the free version of the widget. They can't log in and use or upgrade your subscription.
  • These sites can be ignored or deleted by clicking the trash can icon next to the site name and reviewed later. This deletes the cloned site from your UserWay account: the widget won’t run on the deleted site anymore.

To disable auto-add sites, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your UserWay Management console.
  2. Go to My Sites
  3. Click the See a site you don’t recognize? text link on the right

  4. Toggle the switch labeled Auto-add sites to “My Sites” to disable (or enable) the function

The Auto-Add Sites option can only be disabled or enabled via the legacy version of the console.