What are the difference between the basic, advanced and white-label script?

Rodrigo Asai
Rodrigo Asai
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The Basic Script:

The Basic Script is the standard widget script for most use-cases:


The Advanced Script:

The Advanced Script allows flexibility to programmatically override your widget’s default settings, by uncommenting the lines /*


The White-Label Script:

The White Label Script is the script that removes any reference to UserWay from the widget script. This is usually utilized by agencies and resellers sharing the UserWay script as their own widget:

In order to use the white-label script, it is necessary to have a subscription with the white-label add-on so that it can be removed through the code.


All codes contain the attribute account-data which contains a unique ID that links directly to your account.
And account-data is case-sensitive, which means that lower-case and upper-case are considered