Remediations for Review: Image Alts

Rodrigo Asai
Rodrigo Asai
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The UserWay widget adds alts to all images using AI technology, but the alts should be reviewed by your site admin, and can be updated to improve user experience using the Remediation feature:

What's an alt text for images?

The alt attribute is the space where the site admin is meant to write in an alternate text for an image. This brief description will be read by the user if they are unable to see the image, or if the image cannot be displayed or viewed. This can occur because of a user's slow connection, or an error in the src attribute, for example. And, alt text is an accessibility requirement for blind and low-vision users who read sites via screen readers.

The UserWay widget adds automatic alt text to site images, which helps with accessibility. However, these texts should be reviewed by a site admin, and adjusted if necessary.


Update or change alt text added by AI

  1. Log in to Widget settings.
  2. Click View Remediations, then open the Remediations for Review (0)
  3. Under the menu, click on Alt images. Then, find images to update.
  4. Add the new alt text inside, then click Approve to save changes:


What's the To-do tab?

In the To do tab, you will find all the images for which the AI added an alt text. This means that the image did not have an alt in the code, e.g.: <img src="example.png" alt="example">


All the alts in the To do tab already have an alt text applied by the AI. You can use the Approve button on the To do, if the goal is to update the current alt text automatically added by the AI ​​to one of your choice.

What's the Remediated tab? 

In the Remediated tab, you can find all alts that were changed and approved from the To do tab, and also all the images that already had an alt added in the original code.