How to disable/enable the real time monitoring of the scanner?

Rodrigo Asai
Rodrigo Asai
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In order to enable/disable the real time monitoring please follow the steps

  1. Access the scanner login page
  2. Under the Active tab, click on option; ON/OFF to disable or enable the Real time monitoring:


Enabling/disabling Filters:

To enable or modify filters, just go to scanner settings you can manage the values for:

  • Frequency: Choose how often UserWay will scan your site.
  • Rate limiting: Select the scan rate to ensure your server or firewall doesn't block UserWay.
  • Wait for load: Delay scan to ensure any content that loads asynchronously is included.
  • Scan from: Choose the UserWay region that will scan your site. Especially helpful for sites that deliver different content to different regions.
  • Scroll: Force the page to scroll to the bottom before your scan begins. Useful for lazy-loaded content.
  • Active: Turn Scanning & Real Time Monitoring on or off.
  • URL Params: Add URLs with hashes (#) and params (?) during sitemap indexing.
  • Visible: Visible on My Scans