UserWay's AI-Powered Pro Widget Accessibility Profiles

Rodrigo Asai
Rodrigo Asai
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The easiest way for users to get started with UserWay's AI-Powered Widget, Accessibility Profiles allow your website visitors to quickly enhance their experience, with just one click on the accessibility profile that's most relevant for them: 

UserWay's AI-Powered Pro Widget Accessibility Profiles are based on real UserWay users. We invite you to learn more about the real people behind the profiles:

 Motor Impaired: Manipulating a mouse and keyboard to navigate sites isn’t always easy for people with motor impairments. UserWay consults with motor-impaired individuals to develop tools that can help. This profile provides options that can make site navigation much less complicated.
My name is Marija Brkić, and I am Motor Impaired

 Color Blind: Since everyone doesn’t see colors the same way, UserWay works with color blind individuals to determine what features they find helpful, then groups them together in this profile to provide relevant suggestions.
My name is Natasha Richards, and I am red-green Color Blind

Visually Impaired: There are a number of adjustments that can make websites easier to navigate and read for people with impaired vision. This profile provides suggestions that can be helpful for a variety of conditions.
My name is Benjamin Okafor, and I am Visually Impaired

Seizure & Epileptic: Flashing page elements, animations, and videos can sometimes trigger seizures in people with epilepsy and similar conditions. This profile provides a way to pause animations, and other helpful customizations.
My name is Anders Wallqvist, and I have Epilepsy

Blind: When a website isn’t structured properly, the assistive technologies blind people use aren’t effective. And if navigation and shopping carts present barriers to access, these visitors have no choice but to abandon inaccessible sites.
My name is Nykolai Fedorovych, and I am 80% Blind

Dyslexia: It is estimated that 1 in 5 people worldwide have dyslexia, but many have not been diagnosed. This profile provides customization options that can help improve reading comprehension and fluency.
My name is Cornelia De Vries, and I am Dyslexic

Cognitive & Learning: Cognitive impairments and learning disabilities can have a profound effect on reading comprehension. The tools included in this profile can help improve reading experiences, and help viewers identify relevant information.
My name is Julie Duplantier, and I have Aphasia, a Cognitive Impairment

ADHD: A number of tools are available that can help visitors stay focused as they move through a webpage. The recommendations included in this profile may help alleviate distractions to improve reading comprehension.
My name is Maria Pérez, and I have ADHD