The UserWay security team encourages its users to enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) in their settings in order to have maximum protection of their personal data. As soon as MFA is enabled for the user's account, it will be enforced upon login into widget management, management dashboard, and scanner tool.

Activating MFA will require users to pass two steps during their logging into the UserWay's products: login credentials authentication and verification by an additional factor: one-time code or time-based password.

Supported MFA types

UserWay supports two types of MFA authentication: Virtual Device and Email.

  1. Virtual Device MFA configuration requires installation of a mobile app which generates time based passwords. There are a variety of such applications but we recommend to Google Authenticator.

    1. App store link:

    2. Google play:

  2. Email Based MFA configuration allows to a user to configure an email address to receive a one time password to a designated email address.

MFA Setup Guide

Step 1: Log into UserWay's management console using your credentials.

Step 2: Click on Account Settings

Account Settings - Screenshot

Step 3: Click on Settings

Settings - Screenshot

Step 4: Scroll down to Multi-Factor Authentication

Two Factor Authentication - Screenshot

Step 4: Select Your Preferred Two Factor Authentication Method

  • Enable Email

    1. Toggle Enable email authentication on

    2. Enable email authentication - Screenshot
    3. Click Enable Email which will send a verification code to your email

      Email Authentication Code - Screenshot
    4. Enter the Verification Code and click Confirm

      Two Factor Authentication - Screenshot
    5. You should now see Email MFA in your Two Factor Authtication Settings

      Two Factor Email Authentication Enabled - Screenshot

  • Enable Virtual Device

    1. Toggle Enable virtual device authentication on

      Enable virtual device authentication - Screenshot
    2. Click Enable Virtual to show the QR Code and text fields

      QR Code - Screenshot
    3. Open your authenicator app and click Add New Account

    4. Scan the QR Code and enter the Verification Code and enter a Device Name

      Verification Code and Device Name - Screenshot
    5. Click Confirm

    6. You should now see Virtual MFA in your Two Factor Authentication Settings as well as Backup Recovery Codes at the bottom.

      Recovery Codes - Screenshot

Toggle authentication to off to disable and reset authentication

Disable Virtual Device Authentication - Screenshot
Disable email authentication - Screenshot

If you have any questions, you can reach our support team at

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