Any content that is inside an iframe or is a shadow DOM is inaccessible to our widget. iFrames and shadow DOM components are protected by the browser for security reasons. Unfortunately, that’s the case for all the listed issues.

However, please keep in mind that this does not impact a native screen reader user's experience as they have access to the accessibility tree provided by the operating system while UserWay's widget gets the accessibility details from the browser DOM.

The UserWay Widget is a javascript library. It runs in the javascript browser context and can interact with page DOM structure only through mechanisms provided by the javascript engine.

The <select> element is notoriously difficult to control productively with javascript/css.

The reason: select element has complex inner structures with incapsulated logic/styling not exposed outside the element.

That's why target page javascript logic not allowed to track:

  • dropdown opened/closed

  • user alternates dropdown options

The reason why OS layer tech (NVDA, JAWS) are able to do these functions is because they utilize Browser APIs that provide more extended information about selected/focused UI components.

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